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Friday, December 31, 2004
The Yankees are going to get Johnson after all...for a young pitcher (Javier Vasquez) and prospects. Um....Johnson is 41. Their #1, 2 and 3 starters are Johnson, Brown and Mussina...old, old and old. Eventually, mortgaging the future is going to bite them no matter how much they spend. They are lurching closer and closer to the Yankees of the 80s.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Question: Does anyone care that Anna K and Enrique Iglesias got married? Didn't think so. let's overrated pop singer married a tennis player with 0 major titles and has the body of a 12 year old, which apparently every male is required to think is hot. Yeah I care

Monday, December 13, 2004
Well, Podsednik was dealt to the White Sox for Carlos Lee. Can we say S-T-E-A-L? Man it's nice to have money. I mean does anyone remember the Brewers trading for someone with a HIGHER salary? Anyway, Lee has tremendous upside...consistent .300/30/100 player and he hasn't even reached his peak age yet. Yeah I'll take it for an overrated LF and a decent reliever.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
And I love Ashlee (man I hate that spelling) blaming her band. Actually her band didn't sound bad from what I heard. I love the way they were trying mightily to hide their giggling. And I also love her dad saying that her "credibility" is intact. Um, what creditibility? Whatever she has has been handed to her on a silver platter. The frightening thing is that Britney Spears sister is trying to follow the same path. I know that there are talented musicians out there. I just want to see them.

Just a comment on this whole Ashlee Simpson debacle. First of all, a good article on it is at
this link.
Secondly, who are they trying to kid. Of course she lipsynchs. She has NO talent. None. How did she get a #1 album? A reality show and her name. Period. It's the same reason why we have Beyonce plastered all over creation and have since before she had even recorded a debut album. It's marketing, marketing, marketing. Talent is secondary or worse. And the worst part? Kids will still go see Ashlee and they don't care if she can sing or not. I totally agree with Prince, who has complained about stardom being handed to some of these acts without any merit. Gone are the days when you started in your garage and built up a local following and then went national, etc. Not anymore. If you are 17, good looking, have a powerful daddy as a manager, you too can have a #1 album.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Journal-Sentinel Online has their Brewer grades up. They are a waste of time, like always...very knee jerk. How the hell can you give Ben Sheets anything other than an A? Just very simplistic overall. And with it comes a cheery article from Tom Hardicourt where he espounds alot of the same BS Mike Hunt did last week...that they need to sign big name free agents and all of that. Yep and they will win 73 instead of 67. I still think Tom and Mike write their columns from a bar. That's the ambience they give off. What doomed the Brewers was lack of "clutch hitting". No I think just plain lack of hitting, Tom. These guys just don't get it. In the end, it doesn't matter if guys get hits with guys on or's the getting on base part that matters. And I'm not as big into "Ks don't matter" as some guys are, but still...there is no such thing of "striking out too much" IF you get on base enough to cancel it out. That's why guys like Adam Dunn are just fine in my book. An out is an out, most of the time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Well I'm glad that the team is sold but I worry that we're going to run into what the Dodgers did, i.e. an owner who knows nothing about baseball who makes every decision based on "business sense". I hope he's more like Herb Kohl, where he owns the team but doesn't really get into day to day decision making unless he has to. Basically, you give them the money and say "go nuts". let's hope.

I will be watching the Kerry-Bush debate on Thursday. I hope that Bush bumbles several times. I think he's going to win because of that stupid Vietnam thing. If Kerry loses, I'm saying buh-bye to politics. It's gotten way too personality driven for me.

Apparently, Mike Hunt of the Journal-Sentinal is still chasing that elusive 82nd win. "Buy a couple of boppers". Wow, that sounds professional, don't it? I think Mike writes his column in a bar somewhere, I really do. Mike, go back to your fantasy league and leave us alone, ok?

Monday, September 27, 2004
Reason why I dislike the wild card in baseball....the AL East. The wild card made it a non pennant race. ESPN keeps treating it like a big deal but BOTH teams will make the playoffs, so it's pointless.

The other thing is, let's say they reinstate Rose. Can you seriously say that he won't gamble on baseball again? He's still a gambler. Always will be

I watched "Hustle" a couple of times over the weekend. It's not a great film...Tom Sizemore is an odd choice to play Rose since he doesn't look or act a thing like him. And I do wish they started at the beginning and made it a true bio. However, in its broad strokes, it does a good job of portraying Rose as he is, a jerk. The people who are "Rose fans" kind of baffle me. What is the redeeming quality of him? He plays the game hard. Yep. And? I think it's from this "he's a man's man" crap. Something in men strive for being that "I don't care what you think/I will do anything to win" mentality. Notice how few females come out in support of him? I fall with the women in this case. I just don't see how you can defend him. He bet on baseball. Period. Should he be in the Hall of Fame? He bet on baseball. Period. I love the folks who go "well no one else is judged on their mistakes, citing DiMaggio's coldness, Williams' ego, etc, but hey, they didn't bet on baseball, did they? That's just a major line to cross. And it's not like players don't know it's wrong. It is cardinal sin #1 and has been since baseball started. Jim Deblin in the 1800s was banned for life for gambling. So this isn't new. He did it because he thought he'd get away with it. And then he lied about it for 15 years until he knew it would sell books. How can one be a fan of that?

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